Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some other factors that can affect Health!

  • Include at least 20 gms. of fiber everday. Whole grains, beans & vegetables are rich sources
  • Many 'fast' foods are high in fat, salt and/or sugar. Limit or avoid frequent use of such foods
  • If you have high blood pressure, restrict the use of salt, salty foods like regular chips and pickles
  • Talk to your physician about your multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements.
  • Have a routine check-up blood lipid levels.


    Foods from different sources can be combined to make up a balanced meal. Your personal meal plan should be designed to suit your lifestyle. Your meal plan will suggest servings of each food group at every meal. The different food groups and examples of one serving in each food group are as follows: (Please note that values are approximate)

    1. GRAINS/BEANS/STARCHY VEGETABLES (without added fats or oils) (ex. Rice flour, Beans/Legumes)
    2. MEAT & MEAT ALTERNATIVES-VERY LEAN (ex. Chicken Turkey, Tuna in water)
    3. MEAT & MEAT ALTERNATIVES-MEDIUM FAT (ex. Egg, Fried Fish)
    4. MEAT & MEAT ALTERNATIVES-HIGH FAT (ex. Peanut Butter, Regular cheese)
    5. VEGETABLES (no fat added) (ex. Cabbage Cauliflower, White radish)
    6. FRUITS (ex. Banana, Mango, Canned fruits, Apple, Orange)
    7. MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS (ex. Whole/skimmed/low fat milk)
    8. FATS AND OILS (ex. cooking oil, nuts or seeds)
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    1. This can help me to achieve my lowfat diet. Thanks for this post