Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why is it so important for people with diabetes to control their blood pressure and cholesterol as well?

It is very important  for people to control their blood pressure  and cholesterol because of the increased risk of vascular disease carried by people with diabetes ). High blood pressure and abnormal lev- els of cholesterol and other blood  fats are frequently found  in  people with  diabetes and  contribute addi- tional risk for vascular disease. In some studies involv- ing people with type 2 diabetes, control of cholesterol and blood pressure has been found to confer more pro- tection against progression of small vessel (microvascu- lar) disease than control of blood sugar itself! Not only is this the case, but the  serious complications in the eyes, nerves, and  kidneys caused  by damage to  the small blood vessels have been shown to be reduced by treatment  of cholesterol  and  blood  pressure. Some of the  drugs used for  these conditions may even provide a minor benefit in control of the blood sugar itself, while some may worsen it. When possible, your doctor will choose those medications for blood pressure and cholesterol that will improve (or not worsen) control of your blood sugar and prevent or delay the progression of the com- plications of diabetes.

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