Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How often do I need to check my blood sugar?

How  often  you  need  to  check  your  blood  sugar depends upon how the information that blood sugar testing provides  will be used. All too often, people with diabetes are instructed to test their blood sugar frequently and yet neither they nor their physician or other caregivers make significant use of the informa- tion. Generally, when treatment (such as the amount of insulin to be taken before the next meal) is not being adjusted immediately or even day to day, there is little justification for very frequent testing. Except for people who cannot or will not test, all people with diabetes  should  be  prepared  to  check  their  blood sugar  frequently  when  they  are  sick, under  severe physical stress, or taking medications that are known to  markedly  affect  the  blood  sugar  level,  such  as steroids.  Examples  of  possible  glucosmonitoring schedules  for  various  circumstances  are  shown  in Table 7.

Type of Diabetes                               Testing Strategy
Type 1, 2, or GDM on intermit- tent insulin 2 to 4 times daily
Before meals, bedtime, occ. after meals, & during night
Type 1 or 2 on continuous insulin infusion (pump)
Before meals, bedtime, sometimes after meals, & during night
Type 2 on oral antidiabetic pills (OADs)
Before breakfast and supper alternating with before lunch and bedtime, 3 days/week
Type 2 or GDM  on lifestyle intervention
As for type 2 on OADs, 1 to 3 days/week
All types, when sick or unstable
As needed to intervene effectively, q2-hours if needed

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