Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am on insulin for my diabetes and I am overweight. If I lose weight, will I be able to stop the insulin shots?

Encouragingly, the answer is yes. It is often a pleasant surprise to learn that you do not have to lose a dramatic amount  of weight  for this  to  occur. Even  a loss of between 5% and 10% in your weight can have remark- able benefits on your blood sugars. Some patients often experience a significant reduction  in  the  amount  of insulin they need after only a modest weight reduction. Lowering the insulin dosage helps to control appetite and further helps efforts at weight reduction. Lowering the  insulin  dosage reduces appetite  by reducing the likelihood of hypoglycemia, which must be treated by food intake, thus  limiting the success of weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, even with such an incentive, the majority of people with diabetes who start insulin will need to remain on it, due to the difficulty of achieving n>then  some  additional  (supplemental) insulin  can  be  taken  to  bring  it  down.  The  best approach can vary among  different  patients and your doctor or diabetes educator will have a recommenda- tion for a supplemental scale that may be right for you
and sustaining successful weight reduction and also to the fact that the body’s own insulin production may by now be quite  deficient. Available approved medications for weight reduction are also sel- dom helpful long term, due to limiting side effects and lack  of  effectiveness. However,   patients   who  have undergone bariatric surgery are often able to achieve sustained weight loss and discontinue insulin for the medium to long term. This approach is being increasingly used for people with severe degrees of obesity and  serious health  problems related to it, including diabetes

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