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The term communication has various meanings, depending  on the context in which it is used. To some, communication is the interchange of information between  two or more people; in other words, the exchange of ideas or thoughts. This kind of communication uses methods such as talking and listening or writing and reading. However, painting, dancing, and storytelling are also methods of communication. Thoughts  are conveyed to others not only by spoken or written words but also by gestures or body actions.
Communication may have a more personal connotation than the interchange of ideas or thoughts. It can be a transmission of feelings, or a more personal and social interaction between people. In this context, communication often is synonymous with relating. Frequently, one member of a couple comments that the other is not communicating. Some teenagers complain about a generation gap-being unable to communicate with understanding or feeling to a parent or authority figure . Sometimes a nurse is said to be efficient but lacking in something called bedside manner. For the purpose of this text, communication is any means of exchanging information or feelings between two or more people. It is a basic component of human relationships


Communication is generally  carried out in two different modes:  verbal and non verbal. Verbal communication uses the spoken or written word; nonverbal communication uses other forms, such as gestures or facial expressions, and touch. Although  both kinds of communication occur concurrently , patterns and relationships with clients.

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